My Hero

My hero is my counselor, Don Minkoff. He’s kind, helpful, and really cares about his clients. Everybody he helps is thankful for him. He never forgets what to do to help them, and if he makes a mistake, he’ll admit it very clearly and honestly. He gets me.

Don is one of the many counselors at Jewish Family Services, but I’d say that he is the best one. I’m only one of his many clients. He wears funny ties and looks like a clown because of his weird hair. Don tries his very best to help everyone. He helps me when I’m in a terrible grumpy mood, to when I’m really sad and need to talk to someone. He’s been my counselor for about 3 years and has never failed me. Don respects my decisions and doesn’t judge me for things I like that he never will, not like anyone else. I usually hide my feelings and don’t like talking to anyone (including my family) but Don usually makes me feel better, so I talk to him. He knows that I can’t sleep and I’m tired of confessing, and respects it.

If you knew Don, you’d know that to make people feel better, he makes them laugh. He understands things that you tell him, well, except for my Youtube hobby. He doesn’t tell anybody anything you tell him, unless you tell him too. That’s what I like about him, he keeps secrets. Nobody else I know does, that’s why I only trust him to tell things to. I’m sure other people at JFS do that too, but they are probably not as funny as Don. I want Don to get known, I want him to be known for helping people like me through hard times that they can’t handle themselves. He talks to adults to. That is why he is my hero. There are many more unsaid reasons. He doesn’t make fun of me for liking the youtuber, LeafyIsHere!

I hope that when Don passes he will be remembered. I sure will remember him for the rest of my life. He helps me a lot. Everyday.

Essay written by J.D. for the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration, chosen as Scranton School District Everyday Hero Essay Contest winner, January 2017

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